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FRAMEWORK works with realtors and brokers to provide their clients with the perfect space to sell their home at top dollar.

According to current statistics, staged homes sell 88% faster and for up to 20% more compared to houses that are not prepared professionally.

Stage Consulting | "LESS IS MORE"

Often times, homeowners have a house full of sentimental pieces, heirloom artwork, and family photos that have filled their home and added to their own unique space.

However, this can often make it difficult for a prospective buyer to envision themselves in a listed house as it can feel too cluttered, too personalized, and too not like their home.

Removing the excess and focusing on the essential is key.

With the use of some existing items, stage consulting offers a client the opportunity to save on staging furnishings/decor as well as to sell their home more quickly and for more money.

Agent Referrals | "WORKIN' TOGETHER"

Any agent who refers a home or business client will receive a percentage of each new contract.

Have a client who needs to furnish and decorate their new house?

Or, a business owner looking to set up their new space?

Become a FRAMEWORK referral partner today.