Business Owner

There are two ways to start the decoration process with FRAMEWORK

Design Method 01 | "I KNOW WHAT I WANT"

If you are all set on what you want your work space to look like, that's great!

Here is what you will need to do:

Determine what your specific design style is in relation to your product,

Describe what types of materials are needed (furnishings, shelving/racks, decor, etc.),

*Explain a desired plan to either remain open or to close while changes take place.

*This will only potentially affect the timeline.

Once a budget is set, we will take the reins and begin gathering the needed items for your beautiful new space.

Design Method 02 | "I AM OPEN TO SUGGESTIONS"

If you are unsure of what your design style really looks like or what items you will need to finish your work space, we will fully consult you on the best methods to achieve your office or retail goals.

With this option, you will:

Work side-by-side with a decorator to find your unique style preference,

Discover what types of materials will fit your space and what can be reused to meet your goals,

Receive photos and videos throughout the process for a hands-on experience.